Colaba Junction: Mumbai Walla

With Colaba Junction opening its doors at 801 Bay Street, Toronto – there is now a splendid option to breaking the monotony of food court meals for the daily office goers in Toronto’s financial district. Combining work and play, to take you offline while still keeping you connected.

Colaba is the name of an upscale fashion forward district of Mumbai India. The history of Colaba is deep rooted in the Koli (the native fishermen) community of Mumbai, India along with Portuguese and Anglo-Indian settlements. Thus, the menu at Colaba is inspired from the confluence of cultures as experienced in today’s chic Colaba, Mumbai.

Many have aptly phrased Colaba as MUMBAI’S CULTURE SQUARE. Therefore, the idea of the urban hangout, amidst the hustle and bustle of Toronto, is to give your palate an escape to the cultural confluence as experienced in present day Colaba, Mumbai, India.

Our Chef

Born in 1985 in India and grew up in New Delhi and Mumbai. His most vivid childhood memories revolve around food and family, and he pursued this further by studying Culinary Management in Institute of Hotel Management, P.US.A campus, New Delhi.

After his studies, he continued working at various fine dining restaurants in India and, in 2011, moved to Canada to provide authentic Indian taste for Indian expats.

The Space

CJ is a space that blends the best of the office and the cafe. Combining work and play, it’s an urban hangout designed to take you offline while keeping you connected. CJ is a collaborative work-space, a hub for foodies.